domingo, 16 de março de 2008

A good question!

Ask yourself weekly:
What do I want to learn this week?

Asking yourself this question every week will help you stop and think for a moment about what is most important to you. It is easy to focus only on the current unit, grammar exercise, etc. If you take a moment to stop and set a goal for yourself every week, you will notice the progress you are making and, in turn, become more inspired by how quickly you are learning English! You will be surprised at how this feeling of success will motivate you to learn even more English.

As an advanced student I sometimes felt there was not much more to be learned or that my lessons were not improving my level, asking the aforementioned question always kept me on track on new issues and will probably keep you hgihly motivated to learn new things!

Hope you have liked this one!


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Ana Maria disse...

Hello Luiz Fernando,

So you´re really getting into widgets (the applications you´ve added to the sidebar of your blog). I´m known as the widgety person hahahaha. I just love them.
What do I want to learn this week?
Well, I´d like to learn how to involve students more so that they can notice the benefit of interacting to other people.

I´d like to invite you to visit our presentations about Brazil and other countries at

Hope you enjoy the Sisterclasses project, feel free to leave comments or invite your sts to do so.


Luis Fernando disse...


It's a really difficult issue to get students to interact! I guess you have been doig the right thing though.

Keep up qith the good work work and they'll join you!

I remembered the film "Field of dreams" with Kevin Costner where an old black baseball payer tells him:"Build a field and they'll come!" Eventually the players came, so let's keep doing our part!


Luis Fernando

Aurélio Jr. disse...


i realy sorry about the sound box, and sorry because i del you coment ( a mistake) but look, i've changed the sound box, i will be very happy if you go see the new one.

thank you

Loreley disse...

Hi Luis Fernando, I love what you've done with your blog! I'm definitely going to include the sound widget you've added to my blog or wiki. Thanks for sharing your posts,
Lore (from Argentina)