sexta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2008

Learning English

I started learning English when I was 8 and it's been more than 20 years already.I'd like to share some of my own experiences in learning with anyone who's interested as well as discuss some important points about learning and teaching the language. I'd be glad to receive any comments and suggestions as well as help anybody on this amazing experience which is aquiring a second language.


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Aurélio Jr. disse...

hey, thanks so much, i'm working hard in my blog, every day i try to posto something new, and this help in my english.


Ana Maria disse...

Luis Fernando,

Welcome to the group of bloggers. It´s great to have you with us. I´m trying to include your blog in our pageflakes but it´s a bit slow today.


Luis Fernando disse...

Hi guys!It's great to hear from you!It's also nice to take part in the project!I promiss I'll keep you up to date with the English Experience blog!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. disse...

Hey Luis Fernando!

First of all congratulations on your blog. The topic you chose is great! And the banner is very nice. Is that a pic from Uberlândia?

I'm an English teacher too and, just like Ana Maria, I am carrying a blogging project with some of my teenage students, so, if you can, pay them a visit and leave some comments.
All blogs are at

See you around!

Kaísa Martins disse...
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Kaísa Martins disse...

Hello, Luis Fernando!

Thank you for the comment on my blog! I guess you already was my teacher at UFU!

Continue visiting my blog!

Kaísa Martins

Ana Maria disse...

Hello Luiz Fernando,

It´s so nice you got the hang of blogging. I´m so happy students are for the first time using Engish to really interact with people and it´s so much fun, isn´t it?

I´ve included your blog in our pageflakes

and you can also visit Ronaldo´s students´ blogs at
there´s a link there.

Welcome to blogging.

Karol disse...

Hi Luís Fernando!
Wau! It's a lot of time in contact with the English! I hope you can help all your readers that are learning the language like me!

I enjoyed your visit in my blog! Good that you like of art, then, I'm sure you'll like my posts!

See you!


Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi there,
Nice to see you are also hooked on blogging! IT is a great experience, isn't it? I hope you have as much fun as we do!

Luis Fernando disse...

I'd like to personally thank all the readers on my BLOG for the attention and the comments!From next week on I'll be posting some of my experience with the language as I'm still learning how to deal with the features in the BLOG WORLD!

See you all around!


Karol disse...

Hi Luís Fernando! How are you?
Do you know what I've discovered? You've already lectured for my boyfriend, Flávio!
That small world! ^^
I have a new post on my blog, then, go there! =]
see you!